Stupid choice or smart choice...?

I have a question about a career choice after I graduate universty.

I am very interested in starting a career as a commercial real estate developer/investor but plan on working for a few years at a conventional job and investing in real estate part-time. Now, I’ve been thinking if it would be a good decision to begin working with some sort of mortgage lender/bank in order to improve my chances of first, obtaining great rates through the company which I am employed with, and second, making great connections with lenders, other companies, and/or brokers. I 've also gave it some thought of becoming a broker myself.

So, my question is would the benefits of entering this field after graduating help my real estate investment/development career in the ways mentioned above?

Please state your opinions and the benefits and/or detriments you feel there would be.



Although I think you are making a logical point to “cut your teeth” in the mortgage business before you start your real estate career, I would not.

I think that spending your time instead comming up with a great real estate project, or even shadowing some great real estate investors, and see who they use would be a better effect on your time.

Its my opinion that finding the right professional that allow you to do and get done better deals, in the most time efficient way is of more value than understanding all the fine points yourself.

Don t misunderstand this to mean you should understand financing, its just that I dont think you need to know the specifics to learn about the real estate business.

There are plenty of professionals that know financing and will treat you and your deal right to make sure your a repeat customer.

Very good points markoarko!