Stumbled Onto A Really Cute Area in East Austin...

I haven’t spent much time in East Austin, as conventional wisdom says that it’s slummy.

By accident, I happened to cross over (north) of Manor St., at around 38th or 39th.

THERE ARE SOME REALLY CUTE AREAS IN THERE! Lots of ex-hippies with older Volvos and white picket fences. Similar to the Hyde Park area… but actually, less trash/junkers mixed in. (Unfortunately).

Also, pretty pricey, too. I didn’t see many for sale signs, but it seems like the avg. is around 180K or more. It’s funny because if you go a block or two south of Manor, you’re in the " 'hood. "

  • Adam.

Where’s our update on this? Was this just an “ah-ha” or just being nice and sharing or…?

Are you pursuing props over there?

Just getting more familar with different area. Everything you hear is “Don’t buy in E. Austin,” from retail buyers and realtors.

I was surprised how nice the area was considering

  • It was in E. Austin.

  • The stuff just a few streets south of Manor is grungy.

No deals there. Almost had one, but slipped through my fingers.

Its called French Place. During the boom, it was lovingly nicknamed “East Hyde Park” (similar to the 35/Riverside/Parker Ln/Oltorf neighborhood which is known as “East Travis Hts”). During the early/mid 90’s, FP became a popular rehab area for UT rentals. Then, during the boom, the prices shot up, more OOs.

Watch out for: foundation work, 100yr flood plain, props that back to the train tracks.