STS Property Investments


New to all this. Does anyone have information about Tim McCormick and his STS Property Investments program out of Hixson, TN?

Any help in determining the veracity of Tim and STS would really be appreciated.

By the way, part of his program entails using one’s good credit to secure properties, place them in trust, and sell them to people whose credit is weak, securing [Tim and his group] a loan for these people at a later time – one year or so.

Thanking you in advance regarding the avove . . .



No I have not heard of STS–sorry. I have bought many and help others buy/finance 1-4 families (and some commercial). I would buy rental property and sell to an affiliated investment group. The group would hold the property in their name until we determined in was right to sell. Then we would help the end user get financing. Sometimes the holding period would be 30 days, sometimes 3 years. You should try to keep the good ones for rental income and future appreciation–build up equity and wealth. I don’t look at investment programs any more. I have bought over 120 investment properties in the past 5 years.