So im about to have my first deal under contract. :beer I wanted to get your input on the best way to structure the deal.

Balance on existing loan 124k
Home value-158k-168k based of comparable sales in last 6mos
$3600 behind in payments.

The lady just wants to dump this property. Now the neighborhood is in a wealth but rural area in white house, tn. Their was some construction work done in the bathrooms but never finished.

rehab cost i estimated about 10-12k

So do you think i should try structure a short sale with the lender because of the small rehab then do owner financing with the seller, then lease option the property to a rehabber?

Also as far as it getting sold to a rehabber can i list it with an agent to get it sold even if i don’t have complete ownership of the property.

Should i be structuring a short deal or just lock it under contract for what is owed?

The idea i had was to owner finance it to a rehabber for a monthly income and once the rehabber sells i get the difference, rehabber gets his return and the homeowner saves her credit

Your input is priceless

thanks in advance