Structuring a deal with a Title Company


I have a property that the bank is willing to accept about 20k for, my client’s price goal was about 25K…so does anyone know of a Nationwide or Michigan title company that will allow for my client to bring their 25k to the closing and have 20 go to the bank and 5 to me without the client or the bank being any the wiser?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

Unfortunately it isn’t an assignable contract…Generally speaking, a contract containing the words “and/or assigns” sets off a red flag with banks as far as Short Sales go.

Check if you guys have LandAmerica Lawyers title company… If you do, call around till you find one that will double close or do simultanious closing using the end buyer’s funds to close on first deal.

They operate differently based on the agent’s confort level.