structural reenforcement

I have to reenforce the face of my brick building. My building engineer bud said that this will need to be done to prevent any further movement of the brick face away from the building. Would anyone know where to look for those archetechural steel ‘stars’ that are used for securing the brick to the joists via steel thread???

Thanks much


Ask your engineer friend how many you need and the thickness these plates should be, then go to a welding and fabricating shop that does custom orders.

You can get 30 or 300 cut for a reasonable cost!

I would guess the plates need to be 6"x 6" and probable 1/4" to 3/8 plate and need a hole for a 3/8 to 1/2 inch bolt through the middle.

Are you lag bolting into an existing frame?

If you would prefer the stars PM me and I can send you back a few companies to contact.


Old house renovation catalogs should have those stars. You can also query “Old House Magazine”.


Thanks for your input; i’ll check with my engineer friend to get more specifics on quantity/placement. Instead of using lag bolts, he did suggest that I drill through the brick, and through the first two joists. Then, between the two joist, use wood blocking to prevent the joists from compressing together, and then bolting the brick, and first two joists together with steel all-thread.
-Suppose I’ll just check around on the net first off, but sometimes prefer to go into a ‘real’ store to shop around when I’m not sure of exactly what I’m getting.
GR, thank you for your offer; I’ll take you up on that if I don’t have any luck finding them…