Strategies for marketing to lawyers

I apologize for flooding these boards with so many posts over the last couple of days. I’m just really enthusiastic about launching my business and there seems to be some really great people here with good information. But getting back to the topic, I was reading through a few of the articles on this site and one of them suggests marketing to lawyers. Lawyers apparently can be a great source of leads for motivated sellers, however there’s the issue of trying to encourage the attorney to call if they are aware of a potential lead.

Is it legal to pay attorneys a fee for successful real estate leads?

What’s the best way to motivate lawyers to call when they have useful information?

Is it better to physically visit a few local attorneys in person or is that time better spent on working on an aggressive mailing strategy?

I have a real estate lawyer I’ve worked with in the past who’s helped me close a couple of deals, I’m thinking of starting with him. However I don’t want to damage a good business relationship by going about this the wrong way. Anyone investors out there familiar with working with attorneys to find deals?

I guess you can address this question to the lawyer himself, he’d know better than anyone on this board.

Thanks for the reply Sniper, who is the lawyer on the board? Is his user name “lawyer”?

I guess you can ask your lwayer…

doh, I completely misunderstood your first comment. I thought you were referring to someone on this board who was a lawyer. :redface