Strange phone call from EMC.

EMC has been the worst mortgage company for receiving payment on time, but today I got the strangest phone call from them.
They called as a courtesy to tell me that my mortgage payment is late. She told me if I wanted to make a payment over the phone, I was thinking she was talking about March. When I told her the day that I sent it and the confirmation # she clarified she was talking about the APRIL 1st payment. It is considered late because my contract says it is due on the 1st. (WHAT???)
They then went on to tell me that I could use their website to make the payment for this month and ongoing. The strangest part was that she would then say, I will note in your file that you will now start paying your mortgage using our website. I would then correct her and tell her that I would look into it, but that I like paying online through my bank, then she would say again that she would make a note that I would start using their website.
I don’t know if they are desperate for their money or for me to use their website. Strange stuff.

They are desperate at this point. They have lost so much money due to foreclosure on second liens that they are doing anything they can to keep the money coming in.

Instead of making one payment per month, split your payment in two. Make one 2 weeks prior to deadline and one to arrive on the due date. This usually alleviates the constant “late” payment from the bank cycle.