Straight Options

Hello, I am a new investor in Houston. I would like to explore the straight options methods. What are some of the mores succesful marketing campaings are for attracting both buyers and sellers.

Also, is there a way to utilize the straight options method when there is very little equity in the house.


Just the typical ad such as newspaper and bandit signs. As for no equity options, I would think they would be more risky with less reward. If you pay too much you will have to get someone to pay even more to make a profit. In a soft market this will be hard enough and I believe some parts of town are in a depression making it even harder. If you do decide to do a no or low equity deal I would keep the option money low or even zero. If the sellers are living in the property they really do not have much to loose by letting you try to sell their home. You could even try the reverse where you find the buyer first and the try to find them a house that you can flip to them. Hope my ideas help a bit.


Where do people get the forms for all these different things such as Options? I read something just recently on another website that said something about buying the forms from their website, however, they were in Canada. So now, I’m wondering if these forms wouldn’t vary considerly even from state to state much less country to country. I live in Arlington, Texas.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Dianne “babs”

Howdy Babs:

I would get Texas forms to use in Texas. The company may be in Zew Zealand and still sell you Texas forms. I would ask around friends and Realtors and web sites to find free ones. The TREC has a site too for EM contracts and several other forms, I have not used options but am sure I could find some free ones somewhere in a day or so if I looked and I propably should have some on hand just in case I do an option deal.