Storing your tools

For those that do their own rehabs or some of their own rehabs, how do you store your tools? I’ve looked at getting one of those big metal boxes for the job site, as well as a small trailer to make it easier to move onto the next site, but I’m curious what other people have found success with.

I have trailers at every job site. They are mainly used for storing appliances, bathroom fixtures, HVAC units, etc. but sometimes my contractors will store their big tools as well. If I’m purchasing appliances from Home Depot or Lowe’s, I’d rather send someone to go pick everything up in my trailer to save from paying $50 per appliance. They stay in the trailer until they are needed which keeps them secure and out of the way. After a few rehabs, the money saved quickly pays for the trailers. I just put DeWalt GPS locators and alarms on the trailers for extra security. PODS containers and similar boxes can only be used for site storage, therefore they aren’t the most versatile things to use. You’ll safe a lot of money in the long run if you can find multiple uses for the same equipment. Trailers (with your company’s logo on all over it) are the way to go!