Stolen meter...... who pays?

The duplex I am closing on this week has a missing gas meter on one of the units. It was there a week ago, not surprising given the area the property is located in…it has been vacant a long time.

Who typically pays for replacement gas and electric meters?

Anyone experience this problem? Thanks.

If this was before close of escrow (and not a repo), the seller is normally expected to turn the house over at close of escrow in essentially the same shape it was in when the buyer first viewed it.

It’s going to depend upon what your sales contract says.

Power and gas meters are owned by the respective utilities. Seems to me it is there responsibility to replace and secure if they want to keep billing customers.

I highly doubt that. The owner is responsible for meters, I could be wrong but I’m 95% sure they’ll tell you its gonna cost you $$$$

I had an reo I was making an offer on that well water but need to get hooked up to city water. and i believe the utility company gave me quote for a meter, they had 2 different sizes.

Could it be that the utility company removed the meter when bills were not paid? This is a common practice in my area. To get a new meter installed, the owner (or new owner) will have to pay the back due utility bills and an installation fee for new meter.

That’s definitely how it goes in Texas too. I thought it was the same everywhere?

Good info…I am going to call and find out…I will reply and let everyone know!

call the utility company and they should be able to tell you.

here in michigan the owner is responsible for it.

Good news, I just called Atmos and they said that they will install a new meter for $65. Apparently it is the same price whether they install a new one or not for a new account. They new it was stolen since their records show both sides of the duplex had a meter before. The only downside is that a Dallas inspection is required before it can be installed.

thats the price i believe i was quoted also here in michigan. or very close to it .