STOCKS: Revival of the REI deversification debate

I have been reading the posts from 2008 about FDJake’s FORD predictions and the discussion of moving REI profits into STOCKS was quite informative and intriguing.

FDJake was right on the money when he predicted Ford would not only avoid bankcruptcy but would be trading at around 10-15 per share. Hey I know its 2011 but today FORD is trading at 14.75!!

GM DID go into bankruptcy of some sort but they are back now.
I will never buy GM again since I bought shortly before they went into bankruptcy and well you know the rest.

I was not around the forums back then :banghead but wish I was because I would have surely seen the wisdom in his reasoning.

SO now its 2011. Anyone take FDJakes wisdom and run with it? You must be pretty happy with the results.

Also another 2008 prediction was Cooper Tires. Back then trading at $6-7. I wont rehash the logic behind fdjake’s recommendation for this one but his prediction of 20-25 is damn accurate today. Currently Copper trading at $23.44

Alright people I know its the weekend BUT lets get in here and make comments.

I m at the boring stage of my deployment (waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport)

Alright I will start first. Following the contrarian thinking and I have not had a chance to read D’s books yet although I orderd one a few days ago. (joined the forum recently so missed out on all the antics in 08-09)

I think homebuilders stocks have been beat up and people still have little faith in them but I think

they may turn around and start ramping up RE developments again. I m starting to see a few

optimistic RE articles in the news and not just the doom and gloom.

my 2 cents