STOCK PICK.......Let's make some $$$

With all this talk about politics and other stuff, how about getting back to some good ol MONEY MAKING DISCUSSIONS:


Penny stock… GREAT company, GREAT potential for growth, and they seem to be doing everything right.

I was told to get in at 4cents… I missed it… few weeks later it shot up to 28 cents then declined once again. Now it’s at 11 cents.

Long term expectations are well above $1!

I could put my 1500 dollars in, and come out with more than 10K. Sounds good to me.

I have no predictions…

You could also put in your $1,500 and come out with ZERO! If I was betting, I’d bet on zero. There is a reason that these companies are traded as penny stocks.

My pick is ACI (Arch Coal). I’ve owned it for probably about 2 years and sell a covered call on it just about every month for $1 per share. It’s not flashy or sexy, but the money comes in almost every month, just like rent.


I remember when I sold all of my aig shares at 1.62 before they went to 2.00, (i bought them at .32 each), I still thought i made an awesome investment…then i dumped them all into GWGI at .32 each. Now that stock is at 4.5 cents and I am waiting for that day to come when I can dump them. I was so mad because I got that pick from a penny stock investment tip. I am not shooting down penny stocks I am currently not able to invest in them. I am thinking something more secure…like GM, everyone needs a car. :biggrin


Ford might be a better option… GM may not be a great bet…

Me personally, we are most likely going to be buying another vehicle in the next 6-12 months, and it won’t be a GM…

I agree Ford is a better stock pick I was joking. I do love GM and hope this company makes a full 360. I think GM makes more desirable cars and trucks than ford.

how about CIT??

SPNG… 11 cents to 17 cents… currently at 15 cents

I think you guys should start giving this company some attention

don’t know about CIT… seems to be continuing downward

I’d be very wary of penny stocks. But if you’re going to buy stocks, you’ll need to learn about fundamental analysis, technical analysis, etc… Believe me, there is a TON of stuff to digest. I’m in the thick of this education right now (my local REI prospects don’t meet my investment criteria). However, this can be learned. Using technical analysis to help you devise proper entry and exit points is useful for short term tades (daily, weekly). You have to combine it fundamental analysis also. I throw these terms around, but there are a LOT of components to master. Its challenging and fun. In the past 6 months, I’ve opened an oline trading with about $5k of “disposal income”. I’ve made and lost some money. But luckily I’ve learned how to limit my losses with discipline. You learn a lot when you have real money on the line. It’s this education that helps me find my own “tips” and do my own due diligence as in REI.