Stock brokers and private money

Having private money will make my life so much easy. I read a couple blogs that showed several ways of how r.e investors could get private money from passive investors, but for some reason they often overlook stock brokers. When someone wants to invest in a Roth Ira, mutual funds, or stocks, a stock broker is usually the first person they go to (High traffic). If I could convince those brokers to send their investors over to me, I know I would get plenty of money to fund my deals. Do y’all think stock brokers are a good way to find investors to loan you private money?

What have you got to show the stock brokers to convince them to turn over their investors to you. Do you have references, your own funds to invest, track record in real estate.

More importantly stock brokers cannot refer “unapproved investments”. Further why would they…they are not getting paid. If you pay them then you are offering a “security”… HELLO SEC!

Private capital is a good quest but not an easy one!

Good luck!