Stinky Flip!!

I’ll close on my next flip project, very soon! Yay!!! The first job is to destink the cralwspace. The neighborhood cats thought it was a great idea to use my house as a litter box, while it was vacant. Here’s my question. Once I remove the droppings, what can i do to treat the soil,to rid the lovely stench of urine?
This is my first post, on this site. I,m a contractor myself, but have not faced this problem yet.

Your help is appreciated.

Sweet PDZ, available at feed stores and tack stores.

Also, there is a very good chance that you will have to pull out all the insulation and replace it with new. The cats get into the insulatiuon and urinate in the insulation and on the heating ducts.

Thanks for the info Tatertot. I’m completely gutting all material and hvac duct work, under the house. My loyal sheetrock crew, has volunteered, to do this work. God Bless Them!
I’ll check out Sweet PDZ for sure.

Thanks Again.

Sounds like a rough project! Let us know how it goes…