still in house?

I made out quite a few postcards to some pending foreclosures advertised in my paper today. The question which crept into my mind though is whether the homeowners are still in the house… because if their not… then I just wasted my time and money.

Most of the auctions are due on the 25th… about 3 weeks away. Do you think their still in the house? At what point do they really have to leave?

Howdy Arie:

They may still be there or not. Postcards are cheap. If you want to know if they are there then get in your car and go see. It is just a numbers game. The more you send out the more response you get.

They do not have to move until after the house gets foreclosed and the new owner or bank takes them to court and evicts them and then even after the court date they have time until the sheriff or constable comes and watches the owner set their stuff by the curb. They have time to stay to say the least and even bankruptcy is a possibility.