Sticky situation

I have a wholesale lead. He didnt accept my offer but suggested we work together on the house and wanted to know if I have any ideas. The house is free and clear comps at 110k. House does need some work.This is an older man with no family and there is a man squatting in his house for the past year.

3 questions

As a wholesaler do I just move on?
Can anybody provide some suggestions how I can make some money?
How do I deal with squatters?

Thank you,

Please explain what ‘work together on the house’ means.

There are several ways you can make money on a house that is free and clear.

What does the seller want?
what will he use his money for?

Find out what the motivation is and then provide a profitable solution.

I would NOT do any work to the property until you have some sort of contract in writing.
Please provide more info and we’ll try to get you more good ideas :slight_smile:


His son passed and he paid 25k in bills and people are living in his house not paying rent. I offered 25k said hes not sure but then suggested the idea of “working together” not to sure what he means but thought hit the forums and get some suggestions that I can pitch to him.

I agree with Dennis find out what is his motivation for selling and then provide a win-win solution. Keep hammering at his motivation, keep in contact ex…lettters, cards and phone calls