Steve Cook's-Wholesaling for Quick Cash Course

Looking for comments on Steve Cook’s-Wholesaling for Quick Cash Course. I’m considering on purchasing this course and I’m curious if anyone does or does not recommend it and if so why or why not. Thanks!!

I have never purchased the course but have heard nothing but great things about Steve and his courses.

I give it a thumbs up. :biggrin


I am currently going through the wholesaling for quick cash 2.0. I have to say it is fantastic. Steve breaks down step by step of what you should do, questions you should ask, creative deal structuring, and there’s a dvd that walks you through the contracts. I highly recommend it.

Good Luck,


I’m with the rest :bigok

I just finished reading his course and feel it’s worth a lot more that what he is charging for it.

Two thumbs up! :bigok

I picked it up on ebay along with venas course and both of them have been very educational, although steve’s course was much better than venas

Thanks. I know what I’m purchasing when I get home tonight. Thanks for all your input.

Steve is the " Man". Great! , wholesaling course along with Vena Jone-Cox

I just bought the course the other day and will get it on Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to using it.

Love it. Steve gives you so much for the amount he charges. You will not regret it.