Steve Cook's courses

Has anyone purchased Steve Cook’s course on Wholesaling? Thoughts?

I’m also wondering how to get started in wholesaling as a Realtor. It seems like it might be a little trickier. Thoughts?

I personally don’t have the course but I visit and participate on website that he is a part of everyday. I have talked to many other investors who have his product and they recommend it as its a no-nonsense, nuts and bolts, no fluff, kinda course. Visit the website at Very good website and active. Good luck,


Yes, get the course. Try and find a course comparable for the price and you’ll be searching forever. It is a great course and answers every question you read over and over again on these boards. Steve still invests and the info is written from personal experience.

Excellent course. I actually bought it as a package deal along with his Rehabbing course. I would recommend both - especially for the price. As with a lot (most?) courses, you can get all the info on the web by reading various REI sites, articles, message boards, etc., but his courses give a personal touch and consolidate all the info you need into concise chapters. You should be able to recoup the money spent on the courses (and then some) on your first deal.

Edit: Just a heads-up if you plan to buy both his Wholesaling and Rehabbing courses - a lot of the chapters are duplicated in both courses where the material parallels (e.g., finding RE professionals, housing criteria, and so on).

Excellent Course. Very easy to understand and you can go to his website and ask questions.

I can’t comment on the course becuase I don’t own it but why do you think it is tricker to wholesale as a realtor. I think you have many advantages being a realtor. If I am correct some states are requiring a realtor license.

Well, if a consumer complains that we took advantage of them, they can go to the board, real estate commission, etc. If we get sued, the law is often on the side of the consumer and it’s up to us to prove that we didn’t do something wrong.

We have been advised to write into the contract that we are real estate agents and that the seller understands that we intend to sell the property for profit. Some lawyers advise us to even send comps to a seller so they can’t say we lied about the property value, but I’m not sure many agents do this.

Once you have a license, you are presumed to know more than the average consumer, so are in a position to take advantage of them. With the legal and ethical requirements from the board and real estate commissions, consumers can more easily get compensated if they feel “wronged”.

Interesting points. I look at it the other with many of the assets realtors have on their side. But it is definately good to look at the pros and cons. I guess its what you make of it, but I think if your honest and do the right thing like you seem you do, there really shouldnt be a problem.

Dee brings up a very good point.

In the paperwork I have the owners sign I have them initial that they know I intend to resell at a profit…this is in Larger Type Font than some of the other questions I ask them to initial. And in HUGE letters I’ll present a single page saying: Melissa is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Texas.

I know there is always a way for a misunderstanding to occurr or for a disgruntled seller to turn around and say they were taken advantage of, but it is difficult to dismiss Bold 24 point Font stating I intend to profit and make money from the sale of their property, especially with both owner’s initials acknowledging my intention.