Steps to Flipping

once you find a property what are the steps from point A to Z until you sell, of rehabing/flipping a property? when do you get an inspection? appraisial? contractors?

hi ram,

i am a newbi as well. i found a lot of info online by looking up “fixing and flipping”. there is a lot of websites and people out there trying to sell you their product, but you can get free e-books and such by just giving them your name and e-mail. of course you get a lot of email from them but some is actually helpful. i recently bought a couple of books from jeanette fisher. one was " doghouse to dollhouse for dollars" and its workbook and i got a free book on fixing your credit. they go through the steps of rehabbing and they have spreadsheets on figuring cost and such, not computer spreadsheets, written, and they only cost about $30 a piece. there is a computer spreadsheet with another product “fixing and flipping for proffit” it runs about $97. i have not tried it yet but i plan to because all you have to do is plug in the numbers and it gives you an estimated proffit potential. it also has a book that you take to the site to help evaluate repair cost and to wether or not it is cosmetic or major. but you have to be carefull, you can spend a lot of dough on crap, i try to get as much info as possible for free. just my two cents.

thanks, weldon

here is a few good investors:

heather seitz

dave whisnant

steven cook

jeanette fisher

they seem to have good products and are actual investors, not a bunch retired gurus who are out of tough with todays market

if anyone else disagrees let us know, but these gurus seem to know their stuff.

oops, i mean steve cook, not steven