Stephen Cook?....


Steven Cook is a young and upcoming Guru. He has some very good products I would highly recommend. He has done several deals unlike a lot of these guys out there who are self-promoters and have done only 1-2 deals…

I would highly recommend Steve Cook!

Best Riches,
Jeff Adam

Have his materials, been to his bootcamp, and spoken with him a little.

He is one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met. He lives what he teaches. His courses aren’t pretty and polished, but the info to get started is there. More than anything though, he is available through his website to answer any questions you have.

That in my opinion beats all. He has three other gurus on the website that answer questions regularly. William Tingle is also a great guy, and we laughed hard at the bootcamp. These are everyday guys like you and me who got off there butts and applied what they knew. Now, they’re rich and teaching others how to invest, and more importantly, how to invest with good ethics and morals.

Steve’s Business plan and Contractor’s agreement is awesome. I hear many great things about William Tingle’s marketing course as well.

Hope this helps.

I know who Robert is and have purchases most of his products… Outstanding!
I think the biggest thing I learned from him was:

“Mind Your Own Business, Not Someobody Elses”

Meaning: Own you own business, dont work for somebody else, which can apply to real-estate investing…

Best Regards,
Jeff Adam

Although Robert has made fortunes in RE, he doesn’t have any books out that “he” has written specifically about RE. His stuff is WONDERFUL, but more general business, success, etc… Dolf is his RE guy… but doesn’t teach too much creative investing, he’s more into the buy and hold for 30 years thing. Here’s their info:

Steve Cook is good, he’s more of a “guru”, as far as his programs, and is as ethical as it gets. Here’s Steve’s page:


Some of the best advice is right here in this group! I recommend That you only take advice from someone who can do 25 plus deals a year and or has done or been involved in over 100 deals in the past 10 years!!! For example look at Jeff Adam read every post he adds to this site… You can learn more right here if you follow the right crowd!!! There are some great investors here!!!