Step 7 - Investing in Tax Liens & Deeds

  1. Protect your investment.

Protect your new investment. This is the final step but still very important. You did all the work to find, research, prepare, and go bid on either a tax lien certificate or tax deed. Now you need to take the proper steps to safe guard and protect your investment to make sure you maximize your profits. This may include foreclosing on the right to redeem, clearing the title to the property, paying the subsequent taxes, recording your lien or deed with the County Clerk’s office, etc.

If you have a professional who can help you with whatever your exit strategy may be, then use him or her. If this is the first property you have bought through a tax deed sale, then find someone who is educated and real estate savvy, and who can help you maximize your profits if you plan on selling or renting the property.

I would like to wish you the absolute best in all of your Real Estate Deals and Ventures for 2010.