Step 1 Bird Dogging 101

Learning how to Bird dog, is that consider the first step on how to learn about real estate investing and finding if properties are even worth investing in?

Howdy Lindsey:

Thats about it. There are many ways to make money investing. Finding out how others are doing it will teach you a lot. Anyone with good credit and cash can go to the MLS and buy retail. This is how Realtors earn the bulk of their income and most of the Realtors work with home owners and provide them an excellent service. A lot of investors avoid Realtors and find their own deals and work with birddogs, If you are greedy and want Realtor prices for your limited services you will not earn much. If you ask for too little you will not earn much either. I usually pay more for more work that they have done and the easier it is for me. For instance a list of vacant houses is not worth as much as one vacant house with the owner ready to sell at 50% below retail with little fix up. I hope you can make it work.


Bird dogging can be the first way, but once you know the structures of deals, contract assigning is the next level, and you will get a couple more thousand dollars from it.


How do you find someone that you can do bird dogging for? I have been doing alot of reading…and my brain is all scrambled now. But if I could start working with someone or for someone I can start applying what I have read and therefore it would make more sense. Honestly everyone makes it sound so easy. But where does someone with no contacts and no money start. On top of it living in a rural area in Connecticut. I thought I should start with an attorney and/or account. But how do I know I’m getting the right one.

Well back to my reading…any advise or suggests are greatly appreciated. Thank you

Your local REI club would definately be a good idea, under investor resources, there is a search thing that will tell you.