Steep stairs

Do you think that steep and narrow stairs would hurt the sale of a rehab? We are currently looking to purchase a rehab, but the stairs are steeper and narrower than usual. Just curious if anyone else has ran into a problem like this. I know it would definately hurt a sale to an older couple. Thanks!

Couple things:

Code- If it’s awkward, it probably doesn’t meet code.

Functionality- If you can’t move furniture upstairs, good luck on selling it.

Safety- Our muscle memory allows us to ascend and descend stairs of a certain rise and run without thinking. When you have potential buyers walking through, better hope they don’t mis-step and break something important. Compound fractures have a way of messing up new carpet to…

An odd statistic is that around 4,000 people in the US die from falling down the stairs every year with X million being injured. Why these people don’t watch where they put their feet is beyond me but I’m still liable for their ignorance if they die on my stairs. With my luck, someone would have a heart attack and die, leading to them falling down the stairs as a result. Then the family would sue me saying they fell down the stairs, which caused them to have the fatal heart attack. Therefore I caused the heart attack.

I’d get the stairs done right!

Thanks for the great advice! You are always full of great information. I am considering not doing this deal. It would be a great rehab, but fixing the stairs would not make a good deal. I know I would never live in a house with stairs like this, so I shouldn’t expect someone else too. Besides, the washer/dryer hookups are in the basement and I have NO IDEA how they would get them down there! A little old lady lived there and she surely did not do any laundry there! Thanks!