Steel buildings for strip mall/ it worth it?

I’m curious to know if anybody has any experience using steel buildings to construct a strip mall or plaza? I am looking at alternatives and steel buildings seem to be popping up alot lately in commercial projects primarily in the south. I am in the northeast where something like stucco would not be an option for a facade. I am concerned about aesthetics of course, but also economics. Do the cost savings of a steel building outweigh any other costs (i.e. brick facade, utilites, etc…).

Have you checked your areas’ most common home builders/ construction companies? Check out what do they mostly use so that you can have an idea better of it.

Steel will be the best from a cost side of things. Being from the South and besides a Commercial RE Broker I’m also a General Contractor in 21 States so I have done this a time or two…

You would primarily stay with steel framing overall but the frontage could be a number of types of products giving the building a totally different appeal. It depends on the end game of your building. If you are planning on remaining the owner of the building for the long term or are you planning on flipping it once its complete. The valuation analysis will come into play and of course the construction type will factor into the value. There are some ideas on the front end of the construction most fail to consider, but can add value down the road and are relatively not expensive.

Lets talk if you want to know more.

I just stumbled across this post and am interested in the same thing- steel building strip centers. How can I get more information (books websites, etc) on developing a multi-tenant buildings on raw land. I own a couple multi tenant commercial buildings (7-unit and 3-unit) but I can’t find any more for sal at a decent price in a decent location in my market (Knoxville, TN). I can buy commercial land at a good price, just don’t know how to go about getting quotes and ideas on a 4-6 unit building put on it. Any help is appreciated! :smile
Aaron C.