Statute of limitations

My friend is getting sued here in Texas for a lease he had back in 2001. Is there a 2 year statute of limitations on suing for money damages.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I just looked up the answer on Google. Here is what I found that may help explain the law a little. The statute here in Texas is 4 years for debt collection. The plaintiff can file a lawsuit at any time but the defendant can ask for the statute of limitations defense after 4 years and have the case dismissed.

Hi there tedjr, can you explain what kind of money damages thats in question.

Howdy Islander:

He owed a months rent. His roommate took over the house when he vacated the first of August 2001. The landlord is suing him for $5000, the maximum in small claims in Texas. He does not know why the larger amount. When I said money damages I just meant debt in general including rent and any property damage claims etc.