States where "Bird-Dogging" Is Illegal...

Does anyone know exactly which US States’ hold ‘Bird-Dogging’ practices and transactions illegal??


kentucky is illegal…you are considerd performing the duties of a realtor by interacting between the buyer and the seller…i had a long talk with the commisioner and although he deffinetly doesnt get it after reviewing the state laws i found that by birddogging i was in the wrong…wholesaling however is perfectly ok because you are actually buying and holding a contract and title on the property

Since a brid dog doesn’t interact with both buyers and sellers, I guess they aren’t performing the duties of an agent or broker. Listen to the commissioner, he has that position for a reason.

I have never heard of a state that prohibits selling information. If more people had a better understanding of what a bird dog did, this would not be a cause of debate. This topic has been beaten to death on this forum.

Amen, Brother!


[shadow=red,left]sweet…thanks guys![/shadow] reading posts and researching the possibilities were split…glad there’s a forum for folks…preciate it!

Remember - in the truest sense, a bird dog does not deal in real estate he is selling information!

Bird Dog - someone who identifies a potential good real estate investment opportunity and passes that deal on to another investor for a fee.

All you are doing is passing on the inforamtion about a property that might interest an investor you are not brokering a transaction nor are you a party to it…


I agree with you Keith, but like a previous post states, even the real estate commissioners don’t get it.

My concern only comes from how do I collect my fee (viewed as ‘commission’ by licensing folks). If you need a license to do that, it’s best (and usually easy) to have one because when it comes to money, my money, I don’t rely on another person’s advertised integrity.