States buys MJ for Dopers

Well, this is going to be interesting. Oregon is voting right now about changing the distribution methods for medical marijuana.

None of that makes any difference to me, except that at the very end of the bill, in the small print, it provides for the state to fund the medical marijuana for users.

OH boy. If it passes, taxpayers are going to be paying for the dope so slackers can stay stoned.

I have not seen any mention of it at all, and I suspect that few people actually read the entire voter’s pamphlet before they vote. So aren’t they going to be surprised if the bill passes and they learn the effect.

We need to just legalize it. Drug war has failed. I’m friends with many responsible “dopers” who smoke Cannibas after WORK (in the medical field), so this whole concept of “pot=your a lazy POS” isnt true.

Im with you 100% that taxpayers shouldnt be paying a penny for it though.

If the state is going to fund the medical marijuana, let’s hope that it really is for medical prescriptions. For bonafide medical needs.

Marijuana is an incredibly good drug to combat the nausea and loss of appetite from chemo-therapy. Nothing works as well. It can be a life-prolonger. I’m sure there are other equally beneficial uses.

But I can’t see prescribing it for anxiety, low appetite, or marginal reasons. It is a two-edged sword…with side-effects of loss of short-term memory, personality change and loss of motivation.


10000000% agreed furnished! A girl I was going to nursing school had cancer around 5 years ago. She said they gave her meds to get rid of nausea and other chemo side effects, but nothing worked. She was so sick/depressed she couldnt even talk to her kids or eat. She started medicinal MJ since NONE of the other guys were working, and she started eating/gaining weight/talking to her kids! The pain went away. She says WITHOUT A DOUBT… MJ saved her life.

Marijuana doesnt ruin lives, it saves them (except when the Gov puts innocent people in jail for using it). The harmful side effects are no different than alcohol… used in MODERATION there isnt a problem.

Im surprised we still havent learned from alcohol prohibition.

It will be interesting to hear about the California legalization vote. Which the marijuana farmers are AGAINST–“Don’t Wal-Mart our marijuana!”.

California is always about 10 years ahead of the rest of the country. It seems like all trends come from there…anti-smoking, physical fitness, going green, and now marijuana legalization?


You live in Cali right? How are the polls looking? You think its going to pass?

Furnished is located in NM, but still has ties to CA.

Ohh, well NVM then Furnished.

What the heck is NVM? Nevada Mexico?


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