States and LLC's

hello good afternoon to all who read this post, does anyone have a particular state that he or she prefers with regards to the creation of LLC’s?

The one you live in. Out of state LLC’s can be a hassle.
If you plan on owning multiple properties in several states it is more work each year when taxes roll around.
Yes, Deleware and Utah have advantages which you can weigh out.
Each state has different fees and rules.

thanks for the immediate response Ed. I will continue to investigate the benefits of LLC formation in various states. Have an awesome day!!!


While you are doing your research, remember that the state in which you register has a registration fee AND any state in which you do business will also require your LLC to be registered in that state (so, you will have extra registration fees for an out-of-state entity).

Additionally, if the state of registration is not your home state, then you may also incur extra fees to have an in-state personal representative (registered agent) for your LLC.

thank’s Dave T, i will take all that you have mentioned into consideration…have an excellent day