stated income refi on investment properties

can anyone help on obtaining refi with stated income for investment property in ct. I have an 80/20 right now with Interest at 7.75% and 15.75%. Fico is 728. Current mtg is 132,000. Value is between 150,000
and 170,000. No cash out. Lenders don’t even want to talk.

It is unfortunate, but with a LTV over 80% and stated income, lenders are going to pass…

You may find someone to do it, but the rate will make it a losing situation.

it is not the rate that will get you it is the cost. I priced one from a very large national lender and the cost was 10 discount points. That was outside of any lender or broker fees. The rate was like 7.875%; but ouch 10 Discount points.