State of wholesaling in todays market!!!!

What do you guys out there who are wholesaling think about the state of wholesaling in todays market? Most of the buyers in the Chicago Market where I am funds are lock up and can’t reinvest. Even some cash buyers have must of their money tied up. With falling prices :flush and the credit problems we’re faced with what do you think about wholesaling? Also it seems like everyone is doing it (Wholesaling houses) even the guys I sold deals to a year or two ago. So what do you think?

I understand that you have to be creative and I am doing so. I just want to hear from other investors out there who out every day.

Now’s a great time to be wholesaling. LOTS and LOTS of opportunity.

Find yourself some landlords who are in buying mode and feed them properties.

I just signed a contract today with one of my landlord buyers who has been in the game for 20 years, and he said this is by far the best buying market he has ever seen. He’s bought 4 properties from me since December, and said he would be ready for another next month.

Steph :cool

Start today, don’t delay. Anyone that says now is not a good time is crazy. No time like the present.


I heard someone say: “there is no such thing as a bad property, just a bad price.”

First off good luck to you,hope you can find something and get some action going that will change your outlook on things, also hang around with upbeat people like the folks in this forum. As far as the condition of investing, it is as good as it will ever be. Prices are low and that puts buyers in buying mode, so there are buyers,there are properties and there are people willing to lend money,all you need to do is put 1+1+1 you’l always get 3. Good luck.

Why just sell to investors, there is a huge market of retail buyers out their who are approved and ready to go. I would recommend getting to the sellers and doing a lease option on the property then moving the property to some retail buyers if you get the chance.

Retail buyers are typically willing to pay more money for property then investors, so you can also make more money.

Good luck