state assistance for rehabing.

hi i was wonder how would i go about finding out if my city offer any type of grants for rehab

Call them and ask…if they do, they’ll tell you.


Just remember with any Government cheese, there is always strings attached…

So true, so true!

Hi Dan and Keith, I feel like I’ve been on vacation, good to see you. I’ve actually just been dealing with deadbeats and rehabbing. It’s been kind of fun LOL.

…please tell me that there were no firearms involved! LOL


Ah Keith – they won’t give me a gun, I took a class and I was singled out by the instructor as, “Ma’am, you’re not ready to own a gun.” But my 17-year-old daughter is a straight shot, perhaps I’ll take her with me LOL. Now, that doesn’t mean the tenants I’ve been dealing with don’t have them, but the sheriffs I’ve sent – did LOL.

Fun times in the landlording business. I feel like I’m earning every dime these days. Which only makes me stand more in line with Dan when he says if it’s not a positive cash flow situation, walk away – nothing could be truer. The two situations I’m working on at the moment are costing me money :frowning: But that is soon to be fixed.

Take care all and happy investing!

You’e having more fun than I am! I took yesterday off to work o a property. I hadn’t been there 5 minutes when I got a call from one of my tenants that their water heater had broken…by the time I bought the new heater and dealt with getting the plumbers there, the day was largely shot!