startup questions

hello! i’ve been following some of the dialogue on forums recently and decided to purchase some information. i originally purchased information about a “short sale” method and read through the information which was pretty decent(and about $40). of course i’m being offered a mentoring program, which btw if anyone has any info/experience w/ i would be interested, and of course the person recommended that i have between $5-15k to start with and there would pretty much be a 90-day goal from the training through the first sale. i’m looking at short sales as my niche mainly because there currently seems to be less overall competition here than most other specialties.

my main means for posting in this category is because i recently purchased information about attaining an unsecured business line of credit of up to $200,000. my FICO is about mid 500’s but i have a partner who’s credit is better than mind(i would guess around high 600’s low 700’s). i was going to follow this information and try to form an LLC with my partner so we could apply for BLOC’s. my current idea is that i was going to see if i could get approved for enough money to get mentored and get started. does anyone have any better experience which might be more beneficial? if i were to get approved for instance for even just $25k i would of course like to invest it in a way that could be profitable for my business. i aspire to become a full-time investor. since i’m a 23-y.o. single male my means of living is quite low. i could survive in my area off of $35-40k/year. it would be worth my while even if i just made $50k/year. just putting myself out and interested in any feedback. thank you in advance! and please feel free to PM me as i wish to respect the rules of this nice forum.