Starting to think I won't do this way

Heh guys, I have been on here before and have had some great repsonses that really cleared the air for me. however, i am starting to really convince myself that i can’t jump into this Bird Dogging thing. I think that I should just property manage for awhile - if I can get any leads- then look into this later. What my Q is: how do I build the confidence to tell myself, don’t waste your time when you can make better money now? getting confused and discouraged, I can’t seem to find a mentor or anyone that can guide me as so I can do this, can’t even find investors, let alone get out there & just do it. How can i start? besides finding properties or investors to tell me what they want. Finding it hard find the words to use when calling investors, if I can find a couple that is.

Needing some real guidance here, before I give up & take the easy route, which is not me;
Jenn ???

I just posted on the boards that I will bird-dog and I received a few responses. I also got a call from the flyers I left at supermarkets. You just have to do it. I was nervous and I’m still nervous to be honest but I’m also excited about the possiblities ;D

Lady Bird-dog

what area are you in

I am in Cambridge, ON, with Kitchener & Waterloo surroundings.

Thanx Lady bird dog. but you mentioned you advertised on the boards - what is that?

Thanx again for your advice, I guess with no leg work, life can’t begin in RE.
Jenn :smiley:

I’m in So. Cali :slight_smile:

A “board” is what you’re posting on now :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at the left of the computer monitor screen on this page and you’ll see the “SITE NAVIGATION”,
under “Investor Resources” you’ll see at the very bottom…“real estate classifieds”

click on that and you can post your ad that you are a bird dog (my husband showed this to me)

or select this link…

take a look at all the fun boards they have in this reiclub website!

I totally feel you.

I also get like that…but this is a part-time thing anyway…a tool to teach us what to look for etc.

the hard part I believe is the “trust” issue!

I’ve received a couple of good prospects on vacant homes (through a realtor’s sign) and called the realtor and asked them to send info my way. That is one way to find the homes.

The investor part has been more difficult for me, I will try Lady’s way and put some “inexpensive flyers” up around town and pray for serious investors to contact me!..right now, it’s via newspaper ads and this reiclub website. I haven’t gone to my real estate club meeting in a while…the group leader actually mentioned to me that I should bird dog (well, here I am, with business cards in hand)

keep looking good and feeling positive–we all have those “moments” ughhh.

Thanx for the bit of confidence. I guess those who give up too easily, don’t survive eh? LOL.
Thanx again, will do the lady thing too - LOL, putting myself out there.

Much appreciated; Jenn :smiley: