Starting out in the DC area

Hello everyone, I’m coming back from overseas to the DC area and would like to begin investing there. Does anyone have any ideas on how to begin because the prices are so expensive? I was told by the housing officer there that the average 3/2 home is $325-400K!

I would like to find a place for me to live first and then 1-3 investment properties over the next year. Any ways of finding foreclosures or info on tax sales would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



the easy part is to learn how to find the foreclosures, however it’s a whole other ball game to learn how to actually purchase one.

start doing your research NOW. simply asking a question like that won’t get you anywhere. there’s just too much info to cover.

Foreclosures is a tough and risky way to break into real estate investing. Too much cash at risk for the average beginner. Look at something less formidable to start. Options and lease options are the way to go for most who want to get started.
My two cents. . .

I can attest to the MD, DC & N. VA areas being very expensive. Your mortgage for even an investment property can be $3000 - $4000 easy. It’s difficult to make money with such high mortgage rates but I’m sure there are always deals.

We attended a couple of foreclosures at the county court house (montgomery county) and it was interesting. It was run by Alex Cooper Auctioneers.

In Montgomery county not that many houses come up for foreclosure. Plus there is some risk involved if the current tenant decides not to move out.

I’m sure there is a way but you have to do your homework …as they say.