starting in as a wholesaler???

:help I am new to this as many are…but I am VERY good at making deals and getting deals most people would say I would never get…but here is the thing, what do I do?

I can easily get a good deal on a property and then want to asign the contract to a buyer and do a double close, but…!!! That is what I dont know, what kinda contract do I use with the seller and where do I get it? What if my buyer turns out not to have the funds they say they do? How do I know they have the funds to buy my contract and how long does it take?

You get a contract written by an attorney.

Every state differs in the laws for selling homes I am a realtor so I always use the forms that we typically use. Using realtor forms is not a bad spot to start, just be sure to analyze the form to be sure that it is not slanted more toward buyers or sellers, then change any wording in the form so that it slants towards whatever you are doing. If every realtor in the area is using the form then it probably will do for you as well, with a few edits here and there.

If you write the contract to be truly assigned then once you assign the contract the other person accepts all of the contract and you are essentially eliminated from the deal, so long as you have already taken your fee.

Get a verification of cash funds, or a preapproval letter from a lender then call the lender to verify that it is not B.S you can also state in you contract that the buyer will provide you with a copy of his or her credit report within a couple of days of the accepted offer, use that if they are intending on financing the property.

Be sure to get a non refundable deposit from your buyer equal or greater than the potential loss you could face if a deal gos south.

Just a couple of pointers, im outta time

Okay thanks…

Plain and simple . ASK FOR PROOF OF FUNDS LETTER. If the potential buyer cannot provide one move on, Dont waste your time.