Starting a Website

I am new to real estate investing and was considering starting a web site. Has anyone here tried that, uses that?

If so, how much would you say that accounts for your business other than newspapers, flyers, postcards etc. (What % of your business comes from it).

would you use that site for buying and selling property? u might want to advertise your website on different websites.


Yes, it would be for purchasing and selling. As well as a link for customers to access company information and assistance. I would also like a link for feedback and contact information.

Do you have a site?


i am working on a site

Hi, I have a web site. I find that unless you drive traffic towards it it doesn’t serve a purpose. I make sure I advertise it on everything, letters, signs, postcards, ads, and most importantly, business cards.

I’m currently working on putting a website up. It’s much easier for someone to remember a website with a short url rather than a 9 digit phone number as you’re driving by or just catch a glimpse of a sign.


It is so true. Often, what I remember is the site and not the number. I done it. When driving I look at the ad and then check the site.


thanks, I was glad that I have not sent out the magnetic sign to be designed prior to the site being open. Do you log the traffic that come to you? How much business have you gotten as a result of site?

A website is a great idea but you have to make the name easy to remember for people when they see it, especially if they are driving by and they read it quickly. Also you have to advertise your website or nobody will land on it. There is so many websites in this industry that the chances of creating traffic with no advertising is slim to none. I’ve heard of people getting license plate frames made with their website on it and have actually closed deals from it, especially if you live in a high traffic area. I had a website before but shut it down, but closed one deal from but I had to send out many mailers on that website.

Thanks for the reply. I too have been thinking about ordering license tag frames with the website once it is up.

What do you mean you had to send out many mailers? Were they packets of info. from your investments (Iam assuming it was an investment site), requested information etc… please clarify.

I am a mortgage broker and was trying to drive traffic to the website by sending an informative letter to subprime borrowers about the website. I was able to track how many people hit the website daily and how loang they were on the site for. There are many companies out there that will make websites for people in this business. If you do some google searches you should find a handful of companies.


I will look into that. I was going to use Yahoo! When you were able to track hits on the site, did that included or did you have a place that allowed them to inquire about more information?

Did it provide you with their emails? How did that work?


It was just a company that was affiliated with the company that built my site that allowed to track a person on you site. It was a free service with the website purchase. There was a “quick application” on every page of the website and if the customer filled it out it directly turned into a lead right away and was emailed to you, and that usually had their email on it.

Cool- sounds like something to look into :idea:

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The “Bulk” of our real estate and manufactured home business comes from our Website.


Nice site.
I just wanted an estimate as far as business goes of how much attention these sites are getting from people who are already doing it.
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For those interested, Mike Collins, a long-time affiliate of, discussed how to use web sites in your investing business on July 6th. Download page is here…

I started one for Rentals…
It’s a great deal of work and effort. Advertising is the killer here. Print media still seems to be the best medium of advertising.

i read in one article a long time ago, that some real estate agents get 35% of their leads and customer inquiries from the internet (that means a website)

that is a lot i believe

Our company would not go with out a website.