Starting a Real Estate Investment Club

Me, along with a couple of friends are very interested in getting into REI. I’d appreciate any direction for combining resourcing and doing it together. I’ve heard of clubs, but don’t know much about them or where to start. Is this the best way to go?

I’d appreciate any information or a helpful link.

You probably already have a club in your area. Check out the “clubs” section of this site to find out where they meet.

As Stacy said you probably have a club in your area, but if you do not, start one.

The best resource I can find is to join National REAI and they have a lot of stuff to get you started on your way to your very own association.

go to

You have to join to get passwords & I think a year starts at about $99.

Once you get the passwords their is helpful info on line as well as they send you a cd rom packed with ideas.

They also have a resource that will bring speakers to your area and put on events for your club or association and split the profits with you - this is a great way to get funding for your organziation.

And I would personally advise to start it as a privatly held company not a non profit - there is a lot of work to a successful group and volunteers do not always have time or motivation to get things done and if you end up doing all of the work to get this thing going, then you should earn something for your efforts. - But that is just my opinion.

Kim in KC