Starting a note broker business

Hi, I have read books on being a note broker; I have surf the net and read all the articles and newletters I can find available to me. I understand that to succeed in this business it all lies on advertising and finding note holders. I have a over ten funding source that are willing to work with me with my transactions, but here is where I am unsure:
Do I register a business name with the county now or later?
Or should I just find a note holder and try to make the deal happen?

I know this is a simple question, but it is holding me at a stand still, for I worry about the legal procedures to start a business such as this.

Can anyone help me?

To certain extent it depends on the state your in. Some states require you to be registered to act as a broker, but none that I know require you to be incorporated. To be safe check with the Secretary of State in your state if you need to be registered.

I also am looking into this in California.

Are you going to the American Cash Flow Association’s convention this month in San Francisco? You can find more about it at the following link -

It’s one thing to read about something, it is a totally different thing to talk to people who are doing it for living.
Maybe I’ll see you there.

i will say the opinion on my point of view .it is not that whether you have to register for now or later because any way you have to register but i did not do it immediately i took time after several aspects of thinking.


If you are doing Seller Financed Notes only save your time and money.
It takes a very hard up Note holder to sell their Note and most don’t even know they can. Note Investors need the Brokers to bring them customers. If you really like to make money you have to be the Note Investor not the finder. To learn more on Notes read the free Owner Will Carry ebook in the freebie stuff here. You can also take a good free course at and has excellant forums.Herbster

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