Starting a local REI club... anyone have suggestions, ideas, systems, HELP???

Hi. Our community needs a REIA. I am convinced that a local club is important for networking, support, etc and have seen a few pop up in the area and then either shut down within a few years or the attendance drops to just a few newbies that are constantly turning over.

I have put together cashflow games and some training, but have not formalized into a club. I have several years of RE investment & business training (and realize that the learning process will continue forever) but most importantly experience, disappointments and successes within my own businesses.

Would anyone that has started or is running a successful club be so kind as to share ideas, systems?



I would contact your state REIA. They will be happy to help you start a local REIA.

Good luck,



Someday just (1-2 months ago) did a big thread on how to start your own REI Club. There were lots of good tips.

Search a little and you shall find.