Starting a direct mail campaign

How much money does it take every month to develop and maintain an effective direct mail campaign?

I am going to be wholesaling properties and would like to focus my mailings to absentee owners.

Rule of thumb for all advertising is that you should spend 8-12% of gross sales… Absentee owners are a good group to prospect and you may not need a lot of direct mail… Look in your local newspaper for houses for rent and any ad that isn’t a real estate company( and they legally have to indicate it) is the FRBOer, call and see if there is any need especially the out of area code telephone numbers…

I use a series of letters to follow that up… Remember that absentee are also real estate investors. Either by choice or because they couldn’t sell the house they moved out of. Therefor they are also a source for money and wholesaling is one of the sources of money…

Good luck

thanks for the reply!

I am a realtor and have access to the MLS so I can create my own huge list of absentee owners! Just learned how to do that last night :biggrin

what would you say to absentee owners?

Be careful marketing to the MLS data base…

your message is different depending on if they have a vacancy or not.

I have both the letters and scripts if you need…

its not really the MLS database its from the tax records.

I would love the letters and scripts. PM me

jessie do you have to go over every tax record to see if the mailing and property address are different or is there a way to query??

that info is easy to recevie from your title company

Mike why would a title company take the time to give me a list of every absentee homeowner with certain targeted zip codes. What is their motivation?

Selling you their services…

I would be interested in getting both the letters and scripts if you can provide that?

Thank you

Theyre at my site…