Starting a Commercial Real Estate Business

I am starting a commercial real estate business and would like to know where I can get some information that can help me achieve my goals. I have look into real estate clubs but there is no clubs that I could get to talk to in my area. I will greatly appreciate if anyone that is familiar with commercial real estate can point me in the right direction. I am looking to purchase apt buildings and strip malls and I am located in upstate NY.

Surely one of those is upstate…

What are your goals? What information are you looking for? Could you be a little more specific please.

My goal is to create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate company.
I am interested in purchasing strip malls, apt buildings, and mobile home parks. I am looking to get information on how I can find a mentor who is in the business and has already reached the goals I am looking to accomplish. I already called my local r.e. clubS listed on your website but the number is disconnected. I am not looking for overnight success and I am eager to learn from someone with a lot of experience. I will greatly appreciate any information that can lead me in the right direction.

You can start checking tax records for properties in your area that are similar to what you would like to own one day. See who or what company owns those. If it is a company, you should be able to check your state’s Secretary of State website to find information about that business. An LLC will have to have a registered agent listed. You can probably find contact information for them. That might at least get you started talking to the right people.
Don’t know your financial situation, but you’ll probably have to work in something connected to commercial REI before you’re actually in a good enough position (financially and educationally) to actually buy commercial RE. You’re talking big dollars where mistakes can completely sink you.

Google: Monica Main for Apt Course (only$99)

Purchase: Rich Dad Poor Dad Guide to Real Estate for audio CDs to listne to while driving to work (from Barnes&Noble somewhere)

YouTube: Gboogie (how to build business Credit) this is how you will get the funding…

This will reduce the learning curve so you can learn all the info you will need within a month. All of these sources get str8 to the point. Trust me… :beer

Remember to try e-Bay first! You can often by these courses cheap (and sometimes even unopened), there.