Started on Skip Traces

I have a stack of returned post cards. Mostly vacant houses with no forwardable addresses. I finally broke down and spent the buks to do skip traces on these owners. I ordered 50 skip traces and it cost about 8 buks each.
It’s frikin amazing the info that came back on these owners. Evictions, bankruptcies, hunting and fishing licenses, judgements, everything cept their blood type and a DNA sample.
I got their latest addresses, their relatives addresses, their phone numbers, their emails, their work place and tons of info on the address in question… You can run, but…
I got post cards going out, then I’ll also try their phone numbers and emails.
Then I’ll order another 50 skip traces.
It’s work, but it’s fun and cud be very profitable.

Intersting randoskie. TOP THIS ONE!

Hurrocane Katrina took out house.

I bought at tax lien sale for about $1,800 or so.

Daughter forged signatures on insurance check , cashed it and left town

Father having affair

Daughter married to drug dealer.

Her Drug dealer husband could not pay up and they broke his leg.

Wife very ill and upset over affair, Moved back to Missouri to die.

She did and I got death certificate

Son in TX, said none of this for me

Daugheter in CA, registerd nurse,love ot have here for nurse LOL

Husband and girlfriend in MS

Found them all got deal signed off and sold house for $35,000 profit.

YES, skip tracing can turn up all sorts of things.

Good Luck

Thats amazing to dooo!!!1


Damn if you spent $8 each and got their phone numbers, why mail them? Pick up that phone and call.

It’s much wiser to first try to get the owner to call you. Then whatever happens after that is by invitation, rather than intrusion.

That said, mailing and then calling is an option. Theoretically, the owner has seen the mail piece a couple of days before you call. Then you frame the call as a ‘follow up.’

Haha, I like to prime the seller with a post card or letter b4 I do anything, If or when he calls there is a better chance he’s the seller I’m looking for.

Then I like to bait the hook with a tempting all cash offer, fast closing and I’ll take care of those darn pesky closing costs.

Sign here.

Skip tracing is becoming more common but difficult to get approved. Worth it if you are able to get that one deal using the skip tracing tools that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Skyehomes what do you mean it is difficult to get approved? Do you mean for TLO or Accurint?

Yes. They do not provide services for marketers. When they do approve you, for your valid business purpose (ours is for background checks on rentals), they do an office inspection to verify the security of the data. It’s not like signing up for a blog or any other regular online services.

I get what you are saying but if you have mailed direct to sellers to buy their home, you have gotten plenty of calls where they feel your mailer is an intrusion. Whether by phone or mail or internet ads, you are interrupting a seller’s time and day to get their attention. It’s all an intrusion to get attention really. They didn’t ask for a postcard about their house. They didn’t ask for you to fill their FB newsfeed up with ads or cold call them.

I often fall victim to the thought process of putting myself in the seller’s shoes and convincing myself they don’t want to be bothered by me or that communication from me (a salesperson) is annoying or worse that they’ll never accept that offer. It might be annoying but I am here to buy houses and help people sell their house that want an easy and smooth transaction.

I agree with you that combining both tactics, phone and mail, will get you in touch with the seller more quickly. at the end of the day, what you do first or last, I think is less important than doing one or both consistently.