Started my journey...

Well today I decided two stop reading and take action. I finally went out (thanks to Randy) and got my first list of abandoned houses my goal was 15 and I got 15 in the first hour( went riding a around low income neighborhood) Ihave a very limited budget so for now I will be relying on Craigslist and my own reconnaissance. The first step to anything is to take action. Now to send this list of addresses to the title company to find out who the sellers are. Like Randy I will be documenting everything I do and I promise you this will be one of the success stories. Achieving is believing you can do something.

All right, you got me inspired. If were not satisfied with our current situation, that’s the best reason to get up and out.
Taking action is crucial. Staying enthusiastic and motivated after countless failures is the real challenge.
If you never quit, you will be successful.