Hi everyone, what about starting lease options while still working 50 plus hours aweek here it goes and tell me what you think?For one I don’t have alot of time driving around trying to find fsbo signs which I have and ussually find 5 to 8 aweek that is including for rent by owner also, I have not contacted any these people yet to find out level of motivation but I have written down phone numbers and adressess and looked them up on the state assessment site to get a idea of what they gave for it.What i’m going to do is make some bandit signs for sellers trying to hook some deals with also some newspaper ads also going after sellers,after a couple of weeks i’m going after the buyers the same marketing way ,I may be wrong here but i feel this could get me a couple of deals to get started while I still work and get this thing off the ground. After a month of advertising I will then get more agressive on advertising and maybe get buyers calling me wanting a specific area and then focus in that area also,and take down every contact after screening and get some good data basis for buyers and sellers!! :beer

I started reading your post but ran out of breath. Whew! That stream of consciousness writing is tough to follow. Seriously, some punctuation would really help.

Periods are your friend!

I really didnt see a question in there, but I think that wouldnt be a bad idea…drive around when you have time, write down addresses and numbers, and research the properties. You can only do so much when you have a full time job. Good luck!

AJ and Missjen sorry about the punctuation !!!I was really Tired after 16 hours of work and was still fired up about talking CRE on this forum. P.S. I 'll try to do better for the next Post, Got to go urban Cowboy with John Travolta is coming on for the sixteeth zillionth time and i need a Bud lt !Another hard day over! LOL :beer

Enjoy the beer and the movie! :beer

hey magicman, personally i think if you do what you proposed in short order your life will all begin to run together and get very convoluted much like your post did in short order (no offense intended)

driving around is cool, but with gas prices what they are i think you would be far better served to buy a list of bankrupt, probate or out of town owners and send them letters with your contact info… now you can drink a Bud and watch ole’ re-runs and wait on the phone to ring and then decipher the deals from the trash…

with a work schedule like you have i find it hard to believe that you can effectively work those hours, drive the streets, call pre-qualify and negotiate deals with sellers, simultaneously find owner occupants and schedule make ready and/or contractors and coordinate closings while staying sane AND keeping your present job! I mean I am sure you have the drive to do it but why nearly kill yourself getting financially free so that you can spend your few years of freedom in a hospital wired up to machines with tubes all through your body…

take that desire and use it to work smarter not harder and working smarter means investing in tools to help you work more efficiently which in this case the tools are list(s), envelopes, stamps and an unlimited Cricket phone plan and I suggest buying Dan Kennedy’s book - The Ultimate Salesletter to get up to speed on writing effective copy that sells…

Just my $.02 but i assure you that my technique will add and not subtract from your number of years and create an overall better quality of life! So I