Start of Real estate advisor webiste

I am looking to start a real estate advisor site and I wanted to know what should be main data I need to consider for stating a website initially I saw some sites like propertyadvisor which gave me some basic Idea looking to work out the similar way.

Who is your target people you want to advise on Real Estate? Sellers? Buyers? Agents? Investors.
Does State matter? Know the laws in each state is different, as is the contracts for Real Estate.
What is your experience level? I have over 30 years as a Real Estate Advisor, and am a Realtor and International agent, and Investor myself and I still do not have all the answers, but know where to go to find out.

Write an outlook of services you gonna provide on paper and get the website designed by a professional. Good luck

Thanks for that most useful suggestion, Thank you for the wishes.

Hi Imran,
Just a suggestion, Must do a deep research about the work you are about to run. even the research will take time but it will give you so much to learn. Best of luck for your business

Huh, can you go a little deeper with what you are asking?

Thanks for sharing the valuable reply.

Add a Blog Post page and FAQ to make your website more informative.

If you are looking for an investor style site a lot of people (including myself) use InvestorCarrot. Leadpropeller is also good.

Use your strengths to teach. I am assuming you have real estate experience. What can you teach others from your experience. You need to provide value and their are many gurus out there than sell an average program…don’t do that.


  1. Plan Everything. Like all other businesses
  2. Do Extensive Market Research
  3. Work On Brand Building
  4. Get Finance
    5.Maintain A Good Online Presence

Can you give us more detail on what the goals of the website is?

Are you looking to coach others? be coached? obtain clients?

You’d be surprised at how you can modify one of your existing website to build credibility then redirect them to a simple landing page.

What web platforms do you currently use?


Designing a website can be overwhelming. I think it is a good idea to find a trustworthy platform that you can use so you can focus your time on doing more important business related tasks.

Sparks Property Investors

Real estate is pretty wide. When you say you want to start a “real estate advisor site” what will you be advising on?

  • everything?
  • some business models and not others?

I’d suggest a simple blog, or open it up to a forum where people share ideas and you input your expertise.