SS with First Fed Bank........need advise!!!!

I have a short sale with First Federal Bank and they are being very :banghead . They only gave me the approval until tomorrow, the sale date is June 11th, the buyer signed loan docs over the weekend and they went back to the lender today.

Unfortunately the lender already told us that there is no way they will fund the loan tomorrow that maybe by Thursday. First Fed will not extend the approval and said that is we don’t fund by tomorrow they will not continue with the short sale.
Can you believe that?? like I say the sale date is not until June 11th. Any advice?

I’m planning to go to First Fed office tomorrow and talk face to face with someone but I will love to have any information in writing about the homeowners rights because the way I see it, is that, if they end up closing the file they are not letting the homeowner carry out their legal right to sale the property even do is via a short sale. I might be wrong. Any legal experts here, please let me know. Thanks

I am not a lawyer, but the bank is under obligation to extend the agreement. Now can you play hard ball…yes. Threaten a BK or something of that nature. But I would be walking into the lenders office with Honey than hot water.