SS - relisting after offers expired and buyers walked - won't sign off!

Question - all 3 of our buyers/offers contracts have expired.
Countrywide did an appraisal last Friday.
We want to re-list house but our broker says MLS needs copy of canceled 1st sales contract before re-listing??
Is that neccessary after the offer expired - was entended - then expired again over a month ago?
What if we can’t get the “buyer” to sign??
I think this is nuts! :banghead

Are you the homeowner?

Yes, we are the homeowners.
“Buyers” won’t sign the cancellation of sale contract.
Can I sue them or what can we do - can’t relist house! :banghead

EDIT - nevermind, they finally faxed the cancellation - big delay on our re-listing the property.

If their offer is expired, haven’t you already answered your question. If whatever company you are trying to relist with won’t do it find another sales company. Realtors/low flat fee shops are a dime a GROSS right now, can’t say what should be said about your listing realty company, just go to another. An expired offer is expired…? Not sure what you have run into with those knuckleheads.

Was told by more than 1 realtor that original buyer can later sue us/broker for selling to another w/o a cancellation form signed.
We were going to have to send them via cerified mail the cancellation, but they finally replied. :rolleyes
House is now re-listed.