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Many of you have mentioned contacting the banks and asking for thier SS package. Is there specific packages that each bank has to give out before submitting your offers?

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Hi Doug,

Each bank has their own version of a short sale package. The will always consist of some kind of financial sheet for the borrower the fill out along with a hardship letter, But I don’t think there is a guideline. The easiest thing to do is call the lender and ask for a short sale package and the will tell you what their package consist of. ( Don’t ask if the do short sales, just ask for the package).

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Every lender is different regarding SS packages. Some will fax you a copy of their requirements, including their own financial statement. Others do not have a standard package and will tell you to submit the normal documents that you feel will prove your case.
I suggest you do a lot of reading on the subject, learn the basics of a SS. It is addressed all of the forum and the internet. There are basic docs you will need no matter what lender you are dealing with.

Just finished a SS package for a large bank. Here’s what they asked for.

-Hardship letter
-Financial statement from borrower
-most recent pay statement
-2 current months bank statement
-2 most recent fed tax returns/with w-2’s
-listing agreement
-listing history
-sales contract signed by both parties
-payment statement from 1st deed holder, if applicable
-confirmation that junior lienholders will accept reduced payment.

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These items plus your own documentation ( pics,estimates, etc) on the property condition should be most all you need.

That being said, call the lending institution and ask for the SS package. You may need an Authorazation To Release Information letter from the property owner.-

I was thinking of spending an entire day just contacting 50 or more of the biggest nationwide banks and asking for a copy of their SS Package . I figured if I could knock this out and keep each individual bank on file i would be more efficient when I came across different banks, as I would already know what their requirements were. Then after jotting down the names of 7-10 banks I realized I don’t know 50 lenders that actually hold onto the loans…Any idea where I could get a list of banks that do keep the loans? Do you all think this is a worthwhile idea or should I just as for the SS packs as I come across the various banks? Finally do you think a separate post in this Forum asking for “Banks You’ve Done Short Sales With”, would help me achieve my goal?

Thank you very much for all of your input!

I would call each institution in my area and ask for thier ss packs, as well as put my own together before contacting any home owners.