SS - need lawyer or tax accountant? Or both?

With our 2nd mortgage co probably getting $1k - who do we most need for our protection - a real estate attorney who will facilitate SS and go over closing for $1500.00 capped out - or a tax consultant to find out tax that we maybe left owing.
We have no money - just discharged a chapter 7 - does that make us insolvent and not to worry about being 1099’d?? I don’t want to throw away money, but do not want a judgement against us after going through bankruptcy.
I don’t want deal to stay dead in the water with buyer while mortgage co’s drag thier feet - can attorney really make them move faster, or is that BS?

I would try a short sale consultant. A good honest one that knows the business. Hard to find, but they do exist.

The lawyer might be great, but capped at $1,500? Remind yourself that no lawyer is gong to give you a lot of hours for $1,500. Ten hours gives you a marginal $150/hr lawyer.

What’s worse: Paying a Lawyer to represent you or paying a bad lawyer to represent you?

Be careful

I was quoted $125.00 per hour. He figured 10 hours at most, including reviewing closing papers.

From thier website (I am not advertising, just quoting)
"Our Attorneys
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Without someone reccomending someone locally, I have no direction. Just wondering how to get more time to bring this to successful short sale rather than foreclosure. I don’t think I really care anymore - we have gone through hoops to show the house, constantly prodding my relative regarding the process (shes a new broker) and it’s just not worth saving the “extra damage” done (by a foreclosure) to our credit is shot anyways - we did this backwards, already filed chapter 7 and discharged so we have no protection against a judgement against us.